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Creator Inactivity
Updated over a week ago

We expect creators to post a minimum amount of content weekly. A successful channel is successful because of frequent and consistent posting and engagement with the creator's fan community. Subscribers of creators on BrandArmy expect something in exchange for their monthly subscription, whether it's a paid or free subscription. Creators with lack of activity or no activity at all creates a level of uncertainty and distrust with the creator they follow. What's the point of subscribing if they aren't receiving content or creator engagement? There isn't any.


For pregnant creators, we offer the ability to ‘Pause’ their channel and subscriptions. We allow the creator to determine the length of their pause. We want to be flexible here since motherhood is unique for each person, and it makes a lot of sense for expectant mothers and new mothers to pull back from the stress and angst of maintaining a consistent posting schedule. So if you’re pregnant and would like to ‘Pause’ your channel, please reach out to your BrandArmy representative or email us at [email protected] and include your channel name.

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