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Can I livestream on BrandArmy?
Can I livestream on BrandArmy?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! Creators can go live on their desktop or mobile device via their internet browser. BrandArmy provides High-Definition (HD) livestreaming that streams in real-time with no latency.
Please note: A strong internet connection is best for the highest-quality livestream experience. Creators should NOT move from, as an example, from their home Wifi to their car where their connection will eventually be moved to a new cell phone tower. The best livestream experience is from a dedicated high-speed internet connection.
When a creator goes 'live' there's a variety of features and actions that they and their viewers/subs can participate in, which include:


  • Creator + subs can comment

  • Creator + subs can 'heart' (like) in the comments area

  • Creator + subs can comment emojis

  • Subs can tip + write a note

  • Creator can pause livestream

  • Creator can restart livestream

  • Creator can mute audio

  • Creator can use front or back camera if going live on mobile phone

    • To flip camera creator pushes the 'flip camera' icon

  • Creator can see which subs are in their livestream

  • Creator gets a livestream stats overview after livestream ends which includes:

    • List of all attendees

    • $ made from tips

    • Total # of likes

    • Option to save livestream recording to creator feed

      • Sub comments during live will appear under live recording on feed as well as 'likes' from the livestream

      • Viewers new to seeing the recorded live can also comment, 'like', and tip.

    • Option to delete livestream recording for FOMO vibes

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